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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Analysing Skins


Skins is a teen drama, it can also be seen as a drama with a mix of comedy (dramedy) in order to appeal to the younger generation more as opposed to being just drama. It is a show which demonstrates what teenagers get up to, while having a few sensible characters.

Reception and Reviews

The audience is mainly teenagers who can perhaps relate to a few of the characters within the drama and also teenagers who in general. Adults also watch the drama in order to perhaps demonstrating that it does not only appeal to teenagers. Reviews and responses to reviews show that most teenagers believe that the representation of teenagers has a sense of realism however there are those who think that it is unoriginal due to them only care about parties, a driving test or A-Levels. The first series received positive reviews, though some critics complained that the series portrayed teenagers in an unrealistic manner and were based on stereotypes.


The teenagers in the show are represented as being rebellious, wild, crazy, and flamboyant.

Issues Addressed

The issues addressed include eating disorders, autism, homosexuality and popularity. These are a few problems that teenagers can relate to, even more excuse to watch the show.